Thursday, April 13, 2017

Kudos to Tyler City Council


Maybe the cup is half full...

Just to show you, faithful readers, that it all does not have to be negativity here on Smith County Watchdog, I want to give a shout out to Tyler's city council for some good work yesterday.


Liberty Utilities

Check out this exchange between Mayor Mark Heines, council member Mark Whatley (District 5) and a lawyer with Liberty Utilities:

Liberty provides sewer service to about 500 residents in Tyler and to about 3,000 customers in Smith County.  It wants to raise its rates by about 345 percent.  Heines pointed out that Liberty only seems to be interested in communicating with the city when it wants a rate hike.  Watch the video:  I loved the look on the lawyer's face when Heines and Whatley confronted him!


Economic development in downtown Tyler

The council authorized the sale of a tract of city owned land in downtown Tyler to a developer doing businesses as Three Princes Partners.  This outfit plans to sink about $10 million into a combined residential-retail project.  Contrast that with what the county's policy was during the nine and a half years under Joel Baker's dictatorship:  buying up and holding onto property in downtown Tyler that ended up actually impeding revitalization and economic growth!  That said, under new leadership, the county clownishioners have agreed to let go of the decrepit Carlton Hotel, which could lead to further residential, retail, and hotel property development downtown.

Maybe things are looking up.

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