Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Joel Baker, JoAnn Hampton: Mugshots, witch-hunts, and Cameragate lives on

Today's first mugshot is Commissioner JoAnn Hampton

Commissioner JoAnn Hampton

Yeah, let's start with her.  If you're following this story, you may be asking, what the hell?  It sounds like some lady down at the Baptist church was mad at JoAnn and went in to talk to the pastor about it.  JoAnn gets wind of this conversation and barges in, screams at the old lady, and things escalate, and Hampton ends up pushing the old lady who falls and sprains her wrist.  I'm not going to debate the merits of the criminal charge against Hampton here.  But what really needs to be pointed out is that this incident demonstrates that Hampton is paranoid, stupid, impulsive, or a combination thereof.  If you live in Precinct 4, ask yourself this:  Is this really the kind of person who needs to be in a leadership position?  Representing a majority-minority constituency?  It's clear:  It is high time to get rid of Hampton, and you can do it in the 2018 primary if she has an opponent!

Joel Baker and Joe Murphy

Sheesh.  When I heard that Joel Baker had gone into practice with Joe Murphy, I had to laugh.  For a real WTH moment, check out their address on Google.  If you are seeking representation from that top-notch firm, you can be assured that your attorney will have a perspective on the process that most lawyers do not:  Both Murphy and Baker have been arrested and prosecuted for crimes themselves!
So that brings us to our second mugshot for the day:  Joe Murphy
Right after Murphy resigned from the DA's office, he got arrested for DWI.  And if you are a follower of this blog and you don't know what the deal is with Joel Baker, I can't help you.  You know, if I were one of these guys, I'd be inclined to lay low and try to generate a little income working the traffic ticket defense racket, cheap divorces, stuff like that.  But no!  No sooner had these videos of the illegal closed meetings the commissioners held in 2014 been released...Murphy (on Baker's behalf) starts mouthing off again about the case against Baker being a "political witch hunt"
Joel Baker (Yeah you KNEW I was going to put this one in at some point!)
Just stop it, Joe.  You're just making yourself look like a fool.  Or a liar.  Do they teach this "only present the facts that support your argument" stuff in law school?  Murphy would have us believe that if a case ends in a deal in which the defendant pleads guilty, it's not really a conviction.  He takes it a step further and claims that Baker is not even "guilty."
“If Judge Baker is guilty of this, which he has never been found guilty of..."
Like I said, Joe you are just making yourself look stupid here.  The videos that were just released didn't just reveal  a smoking gun, but so many smoking guns that the air in the Smith County Annex must be pretty hazy about now!
Oh, but Murphy got one thing right--sort of...
"...but if [Baker} is guilty of this then the other four [commissioners] are equally as guilty,” Murphy said, referring to commissioners present in the meetings who later were given immunity.
Damn right, Murphy:  Three of the commissioners (Warr, Hampton and Nix) participated in all of the illegal meetings, and Terry Phillips participated in one.  And Warr, Nix, Hampton, and Baker voted unanimously in that last open session to approve the illegal speeding camera deal! 
Anyhoo, I don't need to go on about this.  The news reports speak for themselves.


  1. I thought it was a little funny that the lady who was assaulted stated that she was in a "CLOSED DOOR MEETING" with the pastor and Joann "BARGED" in.

  2. You've got a minor typo. Hampton is up in 2018.