Friday, April 28, 2017

Cameragate: The unanswered questions (Hint, hint, Faith Harper, Julia Jenae and Cody Lillich

This post is kind of an "open letter" to local reporters.  You know, KLTV and the Telegraph did a pretty good job of reporting what happened that led to this scandal.  But has anyone really asked why?
Here's where I'm going with this:  As I understand it, Joel Baker and Jeff Warr were the main players in this on the county side from the get-go.  They HAD to know that the public--and other elected officials--would absolutely HATE the deal.  That's obviously why they tried to conceal the whole think from the public until Baker had already signed on the dotted line.  Of course the other clownishioners went along, but then again they often just "go along" on pretty much everything that the county judge proposes.  But Baker and Warr had to know better, and must have known that they were risking inadvertent political suicide.
Sure, there was a lot of money in the deal for the county.  Therefore this would fund their "keep taxes low" strategy while extorting millions of dollars from county residents and others.  Perhaps that was their motivation, but I doubt they'd risk their jobs for that.  I'd keep looking if I were you, and here are some questions that I think should be answered:
  1. Did Jeff Warr and/or Joel Baker take any "fact-finding" trips to ATS' company headquarters in Arizona?  If so, who paid for the trip or trips?  I didn't see any expenditures from their campaign funds for such a thing.  Did they use their "travel allowance?"  I'm not saying that they did in fact take such trips because I don't have any evidence that they did,  but...
  2. Is there any evidence that ATS gave anything of value to any county official?  That is also related to my first question because if ATS paid for airfare, or even just picked up the tab for a nice lunch, it is my understanding that such "gifts" would be illegal under Texas law.  Again, I'm not saying that such a thing happened, but just that it would be worth exploring.
  3. Has anyone really thoroughly explored just what the hell Joey Seeber's role in this whole thing was?
  4. Is the FBI investigation still open?  Does anyone know what they were--or are--looking into?  If the investigation is closed, would the Freedom of Information Act allow an ambitious reporter to take a look-see?
Glad to be of help.  Please contact me if you need further assistance.

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