Friday, March 31, 2017

April Sikes NOT running for DA!

I don't have much time, so I'll keep this brief and simple.  Was taking a little Facebook stroll yesterday and spotted this on April Sikes' Facebook page:
I have been asked many times over the past few weeks whether I would be filing for the office of Smith County Criminal District Attorney in November. My family and I have taken a lot of time to prayerfully consider the decision, and I wanted to publicly let people know that I will not be running for office. Through the remainder of Mr. Bingham's term, I will continue to work hard in my role as the First Asst. D.A. I thank you for your support of my decision, and I look forward to where God will send me next!!
What does this mean?  My original thought was, yay!  Maybe the AD Clark/Jack Skeen/Matt Bingham dynasty is coming to an end.  Next I felt a little disappointed because I'm sure any battle waged by an opponent against Sikes would be a fight to the death--and very entertaining, considering the, uh, rumors that have been going around.  Did Sikes just lose her nerve?  But...
Now I'm getting a little nervous.  This comes just a few days after Judge Jack Skeen announced he has decided to run again.  I thought that maybe Bingham was banking on Skeen retiring during this term so he could get appointed to the 241st without having to go through the inconvenience of an actual election!  So now it looks like that is not going to happen, at least this year.
You think next we're going to find out that Bingham is going to change his mind and try to stay on as DA?  Bad news for Smith County, maybe.  But, then again, if someone runs against him he might have to face some of the anxiety-provoking issues that Sikes would have faced.
Game on.  We're watching, Mr. Bingham. 

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